Applied Grammar (online and in print)

In 15-20 weeks, students show two years growth in writing maturity.

Ensure effective sentence variety.

What is W2Win Applied Grammar?

Writing2Win Applied Grammar is the only complete sentence-combining curriculum for teaching mature grammatical patterns and conventions of Standard Written English. Sentence Building student books and teacher manuals are all that is needed to make language mastery for students possible. Students not only acquire new grammatical patterns in each lesson, but the patterns begin to appear in their independent writing. A balance of written, oral, and kinesthetic practice ensures that students have full command of each pattern.

The research of Writing Next shows that systematic sentence-combining practice posts an effect size of + 0.94 (where + 0.10 is significant). W2Win classroom action research confirms that Sentence Building practices significantly increase the percent of students who exceed standard expectations on tests of written expression.

Online option available – The online version assigns lessons, scores responses, and provides students immediate feedback. Teachers can then review and report students’ progress to parents or administrators.

Our middle school that practices Sentence Building faithfully saw 29% of their students exceed expectations on the state 8th-grade writing assessment. That percent is triple the state average.

– G. Boyd, Assistant Superintendent for Rigor, metropolitan school district

For Teachers - Levels 1-10

  • 29-46 lessons with sample combined sentences and tips for teaching

  • Pre and posttest writing samples

  • Whiteboard instructional videos and web tutorials

  • Chart for tracking student progress (online and in print)

For Students - Levels 1-10

  • 29-46 lessons for acquiring increasingly mature sentence patterns

  • Practice refining conventions of capitalization, punctuation, and spelling

  • Opportunity to use grammar terms

  • Precision keyboarding for composing thoughts online

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is W2Win Applied Grammar Online so effective?

Oral, written and kinesthetic practice engages students in a productive learning routine. All students become engaged in the rhythm of creating sentences in the first oral mini-lesson.


Does W2Win Applied Grammar Online cover all state language standards?

Every one of them. And W2Win Applied Grammar Online helps you identify subgroups of students in need of reteaching.


Does W2Win Applied Grammar Online develop students’ keyboarding skills?

It really does. W2Win Applied Grammar Online coaches students in precision keyboarding and spelling. After 6-8 lessons, students word process with significantly increased fluency and accuracy.


Will W2Win Applied Grammar Online help my students learn to identify and explain the grammar patterns they practice?

Absolutely. Take the example of a lesson creating complex sentences. It closes with a study of the “Grammatical Patterned Practiced” where students explain the pattern to a partner using terms like complex sentence, dependent clause, conjunction or adverb clause.


Does W2Win Applied Grammar Online give students practice in all three writing genres?

Without a doubt. The grammatical patterns students acquire help them write in all three genres. Some lessons help students create sentences that result in full informational, narrative or argumentative writing.


Does W2Win Applied Grammar Online support the steps of the writing process?

It does. The strategies that students meet in W2Win Applied Grammar Online work well as a concrete, practical revision strategy.


Does W2Win Applied Grammar Online do more than prepare my student to perform well on tests of extended writing?

Much more. Students score better on tests of knowledge in reading and the English Language Arts. Students use mature sentence patterns and word choice as they talk in class. They shed their anxiety about speaking and writing Standard Written English.


What makes W2Win Applied Grammar Online different from traditional grammar instruction?

There are two critical differences. W2Win Applied Grammar Online includes only sentences of Standard American English – no intentional errors. Also, students practice putting mature grammatical patterns together not taking them apart … like real writers do when they write.


What about the Impact of W2Win Applied Grammar Online has on class environment?

There are three noticeable changes. When students routinely use W2Win Applied Grammar Online, teachers report 1) fewer absences, 2) greater student interest in how writing works, and 3) increase desire among students to master level after level sentence patterns on the software.