Grades 6-12 – Homeschool package – PD text, teacher manual, student book, online webinars, and video tutorials


This homeschool package provides a system for introducing and implementing 12 critical-thinking strategies for writing maintaining a pace of 3 entries / week. Includes Dr. Combs’ Constructed Responses for Learning professional learning text.


W2Win Frequent Writing on Demand: Daily Writing to Learn the Curriculum homeschool package

This homeschool package provides a system for introducing and implementing 12 critical-thinking writing strategies. The strategies prompt students to analyze, compare, contrast, draw inferences, elaborate, explain relationships among key terms or analogies, reason logically, support claims, or synthesize ideas. They help students of all abilities solidify and boost learning in the core curriculum: ELA, math, science, and social studies.

The teacher manual includes:

  • a script of key practices for each writing strategy
  • teacher models of writing
  • student exemplars
  • sample scope and sequence of writing prompts for core subjects
  • templates for making posters – Guide for Writing to Learn (grades 6-12); Log of Entries (6-12); picture makers, picture killers (K-12), and voice, pictures, and flow (6-12).


Online option available?(correlated to the?Georgia Standards of Excellence)W2Win Frequent Writing on Demand empowers ELA, math, science, and social studies teachers with 6-12 writing prompts for each standard. They may select one or create their own, fine-tune, and write their model entry to share with students. Students complete the pop-up rubrics for self-assessment and PALS
response before submitting it for review. Teachers accepts or adjusts the students? assessment and respond by posting a ?teacher commentary? that appears when students log in. They may also print out reports of student progress for parents or administrators.


We had behavior issues when I arrive at this school. An adapted behavior system did some good. But when 80% of our teachers used W2Win Writing on Demand, the behavior issues virtually disappeared. Every class began with a Writing on Demand prompt projected on the interactive board. At end-of-course testing, we posted significant gains in the number of students meeting or exceeding expectations for their courses. – ELA 17%, math 19%, science 23%, and social studies 32%.

? H. Rehnquist, high school principal


Daily Writing to Learn the Curriculum – Middle-High school teachers manual (grades 6-12) – includes the following critical-thinking?strategies for Writing on Demand.

A. What I Thought You Taught – analysis and synthesis
B. Acrostic Vocabulary – – ? – ? ?concept acquisition, inductive learning
C. Either – Or – compare-contrast, logical reasoning
D. Focused Free Writing – – ? – open-ended
E. Quad Cluster – compare-contrast, logical reasoning
F. Memory Sentence – – ? recall, elaborating / explaining, mental chunking
G. Copy and Continue – – summarizing
H. Change the tense / number – ? ?role switching
I. Admit Slip – ? open-ended
J. Sentence Expansion – ?expanding, elaborating
K. Free Writing – open-ended
L. Analogy – – ?one-to-one correspondences, parallel? relationships
M. Miscellaneous strategies from other sources

The student book includes:

  • 44 pages for short writing
  • 12 critical-thinking strategies
  • A rubric for student self-assessment at the bottom of each page
  • Section of the rubric for a PAL’s check and response
  • A Guide for Writing to Learn (12 critical-thinking strategies)
  • 2? Log of Entries pages.

Printed student books come 2 to a pack.



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